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Philippine Coast Guard Accredited to Train & Certify Lifeguards since 2016. Certification # 2021-01


If interested to join, please call or text 0966 659 7513. Messenger or Email: slszambales@gmail.com.
Health and travel protocols will be as per regulations at that time.

Training fees:
We are affordable in both price and in the time required to train.

Pool Lifeguard, 4 days P 6,500.00 per person, minimum 10 persons.
Open Water Lifeguard, 5 days P8,000.00 per person, minimum 10 persons.

participants, to maximum 30, can be added, to give adequate effort for every paticipant, we strive to maintain a minimum ratio of one instructor / assessor to every five participants.

We can conduct training at your location anywhere within the Philippines.

Our organization is accredited by the Philippine Coast Guard to train and certify Lifeguards as per RA 9993 and PCG MC 03-14 since 2016.

We conduct the following training programs for Lifeguards: All include First aid, BLS/CPR and Rescue.

Open Water Lifeguard, 5 day course, inclusive of 11 modules and practical instruction; Introduction, Safety & Wellbeing, Human Body, Resussitation, Defibrillation & Basic Oxygen, First Aid, Carries & Supports, Communications / public relations, Rescue Techniques, Patrolling techniques, Surf Awareness, including beach and wave conditions with specialized surf rescue equipment.
This is the highest level: An open water lifeguard can duty in any location, beach, pool, water park etc.
Physical requirements: Swim 400 meters in 12 minutes or less. Run 200 meters, swim 200 meters and again run 200 meters in under 8 minutes.
Remain afloat, unaided, for 10 minutes. Preferably with some surf / open water swimming experience. Board skills are an advantage but not mandatory.

Pool Lifeguard, 4 day course, inclusive 10 Modules as above, does NOT include Surf Awareness, beach and wave conditions with specialized surf rescue equipment.
A Pool lifeguard cannot duty as an open water lifeguard.
Physical requirements; Swim 50 meters in 50 seconds or less, retrieve a manikin in 2 meters of water and return to poolside, remain afloat unaided for 5 minutes.

The above meets the requirements for resorts as per RA-9993 and PCG MC 03-14 and are graded from level 1, being the highest, down to level 3, depending on knowledge and physical ability.

All courses are based on the Australian Lifesaving Academy course, with approved modifications to better suit Philippine conditions. Instructions are via audiovisual presentation, practical instructions and written or verbal exams. All instruction is in English and Filipino.
Participants can be Male or Female, 18 years and above, must be physically fit (medical certificate required), have good swimming ability and have a reasonable understanding of English. The course is in English and Filipino. Written exams are available in English and Filipino.
Those who pass the course are issued a Philippine Coast Guard approved certificate with photo and security seal, valid for one year.

For under 18 we do have a Junior Lifesaver program, details here.

Training at our Botolan Headquarters: Minimum class size is ten (10), maximum class size is thirty (30). If 16 - 30.
Inclusive of venue, self assessment manual, classroom and audio / visual requirements and all specialized training equipment and swim test area.
Student accommodations and foods are not included in the above pricing, however, we can offer an additional package for stay in, from P200.00 per day (bring own tent) or with supplied mat or mattress dormitory style for only P250.00 per day. Also we offer a daily breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack and dinner for just P500.00 per day.

Training at your location; Minimum class size is ten (10) maximum class size is thirty (30).
Training at the premises of the requesting party who are also required to supply transportation, accommodation, snacks and foods for the instructors and assessors as required, if up to 10 trainees this is generally 5 persons, if 11 to 15, 6 persons, if 16 - 30 trainees 9 persons.
Also an area suitable for training, classroom style, with sound system, white board and projector, with HDMI and USB connections, plus swim testing area, preferably 50 or 25 meter pool, however a smaller pool may be considered, or if conditions and weather are suitable the ocean, lake or a river may be used if a pool is not available nearby.
Depending on the distance and necessary travel time, may require arrival the afternoon prior to the training and possible departure the morning after the training schedule.

Advance deposit of Fifty percent (50%) or full payment is required for all confirmed training, either at our headquarters or at your venue, for convenience this can be deposited at any Metrobank branch, bank details will be given when you make your training reservation.

Please note: Training at your venue or at our headquarters is available for less than ten (10) trainees, however the price per trainee will be calculated by dividing the cost for 10 amongst the number attending.

Prices effective March 01 2021. Subject to change without notice. (Should there be a change in price, anyone with a prior confirmed reservation shall not be charged the new rate.)

In the interest of safety and fairness of those who train with us, we have the following policy:
Should a participant fail, they have 30 days in which to review and practice and can be re-tested, there is a small charge of P1000.00 per trainee to cover stationary and other expenses, this will be conducted at a place convenient to the assessor.
For lifeguards trained and certified by us, we offer a re-assessment program at the expiry of the certification. Re-assessment is a one day procedure. It focuses on physical ability, written /verbal exams on general requirements of lifesaving, first aid, spinal management and basic life support, with hands on practical on CPR, swimming ability and rescue proficiency. Upon successful re-assessment, the participant is issued a wallet-size laminated ID, valid for another one year. They can increase, or decrease their level of proficiency during re-assessment, (To our knowledge we are the only organization in the Philippines that offers this; all other organizations require you to do the entire course again) Provided there are 10 or more participants. Our 30 day re-testing also applied to any that fail re-assessment.
Reassessments can be done from one month prior to expiry, to a maximum of two years from expiry, fees are as follows; withing the ome month prior to expory, to anniversary of issue P1,000.00, if more than 1 year expired to second anniversary of issue, P1500.00. (Minumum number requred for the above pricing is ten (10) participants.
NOTE: All renewals will expire on the anniversary oe the original issue date.

Re-testing however, requires the participant to attend at a date and place convenient to the assessor doing his / her re-testing, or if outside venue, transportation costs will apply. A minimum of 7 days advance notice is required to be sure an assessor is available.
Generally certificates are not immediately available after re-testing and can be collected from our headquarters within 7 days or can be sent via LBC if requested, Courier fees will be paid by the trainee.