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Our junior lifesaver program, commonly known as "Nippers" after the original program in Australia, began in 2012 it encourages children from 5 to 17 years of age to become aware of the aquatic areas that surrounds all of the Philippine archepiligo.

These juniors learn the dangers that exist in an aquaiic environment, such as rip currents and inshore holes at the beach and snags and river currents in inland waters. All of the program is based on fun and games, so as to keep the kids interested, this also helps them to be physically fit and also learn lifesaving basics, such as "reach or throw" if you are a poor or non swimmer. Later in the program they also learn basic first aid and basic life support.

The support of parents is also an important, as this program is all conducted by volunteers and without any fees or charges.

We have a specialized sports program for these youngsters that is based on lifesaving sports, especially designed for kids, where possible all events are run in age groups of 5 - 6, 7 - 8, 9 - 10, 11- 12, 13 -14 and 15 and above, aslo with seperate events for boys and girls where possible.
From 14 and above they also compete in full lifesaving sports competitions, locally, nationally and internationally.
Locally we have had junior events since 2012, nationally we fielded juniors to the Festival of the Winds competition in Boracay in 2013, Great Titan event in Negros in 2014 and the Cebu Lifeguard Rescue Challenge in 2016, their first interenational appearance was in 2018 in Thailand where,
through the support of sponsors, two of our 16 year old girls, joined our mens team to compete in the Phuket Lifesaving Championships, despite being eligable for the under 18 division, at the request of the host, they were invited to join the "Open" (18 years and above) womens competition, as their juniors are only just starting out, whereas ours had several years of experience. We are very proud to say that they won the open division, comfortably winning 6 of the 7 events outright, as well as winning the prestegious "Ironwoman" event.

Our program also allows them, dfepending on their personal ability, to join our Senior Open Water Lifeguard training, at a specially reduced price, which upon passing they are awareded a Junior Lifesaver Certificate that allows then to assist certified lifeguards and to compete in the annual "Nipper's" division of the annual Zambales Lifeguard Challenge. Cost for training for Juniou Lifesaver Certificate is only P 3,500.00. Of course parental consent is required. Same as the Seniors, thety can reassessed each year and upon reaching 18 can be certified to Open Water Lifeguard status.

These "Nippers" also assist in our "Swim-safe program for children 7 - 12 years old, an annual Free too the public Drowning awareness and prevention program that we have sun since 2016.

Of course parental approval is required to become a junior.

Every year sees more growth and our carnival in 2018 attracted 6 entries for the teams events and more than 40 competitors for the individual novice events.

Some video available here.

Overview of our program

2018 Junior Carnival