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We have a scholarship program for underprivileged youths, male and female.

This is for Open water Lifeguard.

18 years and above, physically fit and a good swimmer, willing to learn, able to read and write, and looking for permanent employment. Once certified we will assist in placing you in a job where possible, there is no charge or commissions payable for placement.
Must be a Zambales resident and unemployed.

How the program works, regular cost of Open Water Lifeguard training is P8,000.00.
Note: This is stay out and does not include foods or accommodation, these are available but additional costs apply.

As a scholarship trainee you will be required to pay only P1,000.00, registration fee, plus, after completing the training will be required to donate ten (10) days of your time to assist with our free community programs, such as "Swim-safe" etc.
(You will be reimbursed for other expenses, such as, transportation and foods etc.)

Schedule for the days will be given to you as soon as available, mostly it will be done two (2) days at a time.

Q. Why the P1,000.00 registration fee and is it refundable?
A. Past experience has shown us that persons with no commitment of there own, are less likely to fulfill their obligations, as they have nothing to loose. No the fee is not refundable, this is to ensure your commitment.
Q. Once I complete my training will I be issued a Certified Lifeguard Certificate.
A. No that will be retained by us until you have fulfilled your ten (10) days commitment. You will be issued a letter for potential employers, that will set out the requirements and confirm that you are a certified lifeguard, but subject to your commitment. You will receive your accreditation certificate upon completion of your commitment.
Q. What happens if I do not fulfill my obligation of the 10 days assistance?
A. This will depend on the circumstances, however it is most likely that your certification will be revoked.
Q. If I do not have the P1,000.00, is it ok to seek a sponsor to cover this for me?
A. Yes however you raise the P1,000.00 is up to you, you are also welcome to look for a sponsor to cover your foods and accommodations if you wish to stay in for training rater than commute daily. (See approximate costs below)

Note re possible sponsorship:
Sponsorship of underprivileged youths, both male and female to train as lifeguards, thus giving them employment opportunities, this can be as low as only P1,000.00 per person, registration fee. Aditional items if the participatint will stay in for the training, rather than commute daily, Accomodation. P1250.00. foods assistance P3630.00. These are all optional.

IMPORTANT Pre-requisites:
Physically fit and able to perform the following swim tests.
1/ Swim 400 meters in twelve (12) minutes or less.
2/ Run 200 meters, swim 200 meters and again run 200 meters in eight (8) minutes or less.
3/ Retrieve rescue manikin from 2 meters deep water.

These tests will be performed prior to your commencing training to ensure your eligibility.

You can view or download the application form here Scholarship application.pdf

If you would like further information or are interested to assist with support for this program, please contact:
Mr. Roger Bound. 0918 922 2863 (English) or
Ms. Marichu Bound. 0918 938 0266 (Filipino) or
Email: slszambales@gmail.com